Lew Bayer first Canadian to be honored with the International Civility Star Award read press release here & check out the Costco Connection & Lew Bayer - Are Canadians as Civil as they think they are?

We are in the midst of a very serious Civility Crisis. Left unchecked, the outcomes of incivility spreads like a rampant virus and the impact is measurable and significant. Rudeness costs- time, money, energy, confidence, human assets, integrity, relationships, morale, morality, values, communication, common sense, productivity, and organizational profit.  

Is your organization susceptible to, or already infected with, the incivility virus? Here is a quick-check of your organizational vital signs for SYMPTOMS OF VIRAL INCIVILITY in the workplace:

□ persistent miscommunication; nonresponsive employees, misunderstandings, arguments, withholding of information, lack of effective internal and external communication strategies

□ diminished employee morale; negative attitudes, lack of energy, poor engagement, lowered corporate confidence and measureable lack of accountability

□ decreasing productivity; lateness, laziness, reduced quality and quantity of output, diminishing collaborative effort

□ increased customer service complaints; visible decrease in product and/or service standards

□ growing gap in alignment between corporate goals and leaderships’ abilities; lack of integrity and ethics

□ inability for organization at one or more levels to adapt effectively to change

□ growing cultural and communication barriers with/among employees and customers

□ increased difficulty recruiting and hiring competent personnel

□ inability to build and maintain capacity 

□ difficulty identifying and/or practicing core corporate values

There are measurable links between the above listed symptoms of incivility and bottom-line business metrics. If you can identify 3 or more of the symptoms listed above as current issues in your workplace, incivility could already be costing your organization money, time and personnel. Left unchecked, these symptoms could have significant, irreparable impact to your business.

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